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Logan & Duncan - All I've Got
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Welcome to the shipper community for Logan Echolls & Duncan Kane
"Can you say repressed homosexuality?"


1. Follow all rules, or be warned, kicked out or banned. Simple as that.

2. Anything related to Logan/Duncan is accepted here from discussion, fic, icons, vids etc ... Rant, Rave, Bitch. Do what you like, but be respectful of the members, the characters and the show.

3. Anything of R or NC 17 materical MUST be placed under a Livejournal cut and labeled. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

4. If you post say an icon post that contains other ships? That's fine, but do not post anything else with other ships. There are a plethora of Logan/Veronica communities to get your LoVe rocks off in, this? Isn't one.

5. Very obviously this community will contain slash, boyslash even, so if that offends you I have to ask what the heck you are doing here in the first place.


If you'd like to become an affliate please contact the maintainer atomic_eyes
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